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A workshop for professionals at Hot Spot Films

In a new and first step, Hot Spot Films invited a number of directors and producers involved in the documentary films' making , from Arabic countries to a workshop at the company's premises in Dubai Media City.

The gathering started with a tour for Hot Spot's guests in the production units of the company. They met with the company's directors, producers, researchers, film editors, and executives, and participated to a two-day forum about the production phases, the work in each stage of the production, and viewed different films produced by the company.

The introductory sessions covered the following points:

  • The concept of documentary work and its elements. The importance of research files in the documentary work, and its axes and stages. The relationship between the field researcher and the research unit at Hot Spot Films and the director of the documentary work.
  • Coordination during the shooting of the documentary work at the actual execution stage: archival documents, music, preparing the logging of the tapes, translation of interviews, shooting and broadcasting permits, the technical specifications required for documentary films and programs.
  • Preparations for the documentary work between the shooting and the editing: the production units at the company's premises in Dubai Media City, the editing shifts, translations and dubbings, comments, the digitizing sheets, etc..
  • Contracts and production budgets, receipt of funds, production reports, and equipments inventories

During the viewing sessions, the guests were able to see some of Hot spot's productions of documentary films and series, in addition to the work of some guest directors shot in Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine and other countries.

Hot Spot Films shall hold in the future similar gatherings that will include the elite of young Arab directors and producers to strengthen the bonds between the Company and the artistic and creative cadres in the documentary film field, and give them the opportunity to work and produce.